NWP Workforce Wellness

At Northwest Permanente, P.C., we are dedicated to the well-being of our community of care providers. Our award-winning health and wellness programs support healthier lifestyles for our health care professionals and their families, as well as in our community. Our integrated wellness platform enables us to foster a comprehensive approach through medical expertise, individual engagement, and a variety of wellness tools. Two years after the inception of our wellness program, we were recognized by the Portland Business Journal as the third healthiest employer in Oregon.

Our Wellness Platform

The KP.org wellness platform provides physicians, clinicians, and employees access to medical appointments, personalized health assessments, immunization history, and identified preventative care gaps. The website offers educational tools and an array of resources designed to support a healthy lifestyle such as health guides, smoking cessation tools, opportunities to take classes or receive wellness coaching, and more.

Healthy Work Environment

Outlined below are some of the ways we are working to encourage a healthier workplace for our health care professionals.

  • Visible leadership support for health and wellness
  • Personal engagement model that supports self-accountability for health and wellness
  • Physician and non-physician wellness champions to focus activities on health and wellness
  • A wellness incentive plan that provides monetary incentives for wellness-related activities, including community events and volunteer experiences
  • A Family Health and Wellness incentive plan that provides incentives to families of our team members
  • Wellness education sessions that are live-broadcasted throughout our region and available online
  • Sponsorship of employee running and walking groups
  • Participation in National Walking Day, the American Heart Walk, cycling groups, and other activities

Visit our online wellness portal and learn how Northwest Permanente is committed to providing you with opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle.

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