Richard Segal, MD

Specialty: Internal Medicine

School: UMDNJ-RWJMS-Camden, formerly called Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey


About Me

I had great satisfaction from my 20 years in internal medicine private practice in Salem. The changing climate in medicine caused me to seek new practice opportunities and going on two years at Kaiser Permanente has been an exciting change.

I graduated from UMDNJ-RWJMS-Camden (See if you can figure out what the abbreviation stands for!) formerly called Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey. I then completed my internal medicine residency in Baltimore. My family includes a beautiful wife, two very intelligent kids, a cat and two dogs. We have a great family full of love and humor.

About my practice

My main focus in internal medicine and in my practice over the years is preventive medicine. Quit smoking, lose weight, monitor your diet and get daily exercise is my mantra. I strongly emphasize the importance of screening for and preventing cancer as well as keeping my patients? immunization status up to date. When diseases do set in, I focus on how to lessen their severity and reduce complications.

How I thrive

I practice what I preach! I exercise daily which includes running, swimming, biking, weight lifting and yoga. I have completed 11 marathons (Yes, 26.2 miles!). I am very proud to say I was able to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. My current favorite event is the Olympic length triathlon. I also like to garden, read and spend time with my family and friends.

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