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Permanente Medicine empowers health care specialists in all fields to pursue their personal and professional goals, while providing patients with the highest quality care. We are dedicated to nurturing a complete work-life experience, and we place great value on team-based care and job satisfaction. Because our practices encompass virtually every medical and surgical area, we are able to offer a wide variety of career paths with opportunities for advancement and cross-specialty collaboration.

We work in partnership with our patients to create the best possible health care experience. We equip them to play an active role in managing their health through health advocacy and education programs, and our integrated preventive and restorative care system provides the support they need to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

At our award-winning facilities, practitioners and patients benefit from cutting-edge technology, an innovative electronic medical records system, and comprehensive administrative support from our outstanding professional staff. As a recognized leader in clinical specialties, informatics, teaching, and research, Permanente Medicine furnishes an ideal environment in which to hone your expertise, build your practice, and make a meaningful contribution to the future of medicine.

Permanente Medicine was founded in the 1930s by Sidney Garfield M.D. The young physician had a vision for an independent, self-governing medical group that would bring comprehensive care to aqueduct laborers across the Mojave Desert. The group’s indomitable spirit and record of quality, affordable care soon made them indispensable to industrial workers throughout the West Coast. That same innovative, pioneering spirit that created Permanente Medicine continues to be one of our central guiding principles today.

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