Eugene, Oregon

Oregon’s Emerald City


Eugene, celebrated as Oregon’s “Emerald City,” more than deserves its colorful appellation. The state’s second-largest city, Eugene sustains a consciously arts-focused culture, a thriving economy, and an energetic outdoor lifestyle. It is seated in the verdant Willamette Valley, equidistant from the seaside and mountains, and is home to the University of Oregon. Eugene has been honored in’s “10 Best Downtowns.”

Outdoor Discovery

Eugene’s inhabitants like nothing better than to experience their beautiful natural surroundings. Search for physician jobs in Eugene and discover a city where urban explorers and nature enthusiasts alike enjoy rich possibilities for open-air recreation.

  • One of Oregon’s “Seven Wonders,” the Painted Hills, makes for a visually stunning daytrip
  • Farmers’ markets and street fairs around the city
  • Open-air art events
  • Community parks, such as the 78-acre Hendricks Park, which features old-growth trees and a world-renowned rhododendron garden
  • Various natural hot springs close to the city
  • Fantastic ski resorts, some located less than an hour-and-a-half drive east of the city

Runner’s Paradise

Eugene is where Nike was founded, and track legend Steve Prefontaine was a local favorite. The city has hosted the Olympic Trials for Track and Field on multiple occasions, and its shady trails are the perfect setting for enjoying a run.

Artistic Ethos

Eugene is characterized by a lively, artistic spirit, and there are abundant opportunities to appreciate and participate in the creative and performing arts.

  • An active public art program, which keeps city spaces adorned with top-quality artwork
  • Free, year-round art events, such as the First Friday ArtWalk
  • Community art competitions and workshops for all ages
  • Live concerts of every type of music, from rock and blues, to country and jazz and symphonies, operas, and chamber orchestras
  • Stage plays by local and national theatre companies
  • Modern, ballet, and many other forms of dance performance
  • Dance recitals put on by the elite professional academy, Ballet Fantastique, are quintessential Eugene – creatively bold and breathtaking

Eugene’s exceptional fusion of natural beauty and creative energy lends a distinct character to the city. Here, families and individuals from all walks of life will find a place they are happy to call home. We invite you to search Eugene physician careers to see our open job opportunities in Eugene.


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