Years later, physician-donor provides life-saving bone marrow

February 19, 2018

Kaiser Permanente physician Yung-Mee Park, MD, was a college student at Columbia University in the 1990s when she learned about the particular need for registered bone-marrow donors from minority communities in the United States. She signed up, provided a blood sample, and listed her parents’ phone number on the contact form.

Fifteen years later, in 2011, her parents received a call from the national bone marrow program, Be the Match, inquiring about whether Yung-Mee still wanted to be a donor.

Indeed she did. Now working as a family medicine physician, with a family of her own, Yung-Mee was excited to be able to have the opportunity to save a life by donating bone marrow.

Over on the Kaiser Permanente Share website, you can read more about what exactly the bone-marrow donation process involved for Dr. Park and about various programs that help facilitate such donations.

Yung-Mee Park, MD, and donor-recipient Kevin

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