NWP Physicians Volunteer at Teaching Hospital in Ethiopia

March 5, 2018

In February, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, along with Oregon Health Sciences University, sent teams to a teaching hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia. NWP Urogynecologist Dr. Rahel Nardos led the KPNW contingent, which also included pulmonologists Dr. Dave Schmidt and Dr. Josh Filner; cardiologist Dr. Kathy Crispell (former chief of staff at Sunnyside Medical Center); Dr. Patricia Ramos, Emergency Preparedness Physician Lead; and members of the KPNW simulation team.

The teams provided educational activities at the hospital in Mekelle, including cardiac cath sim training for the hospital’s five-person staff; team-based training in the Emergency Department; and training for the anesthesia group. The teams also conducted a scenario based on a postpartum hemorrhage situation with the hospital’s OB department.

Dr. Ramos and Marcio Jungerman from the KPNW sim team led sessions on crisis resource management and communication and used the “Surgeon as Leader” model for the first time. KPNW’s Region Surgical Services Department implemented this model to improve the culture of safety within the operating room environment using communication techniques that foster teamwork and open communication in the O.R.

KP physicians from every region volunteer for programs such as this one in areas around the world that have fewer resources; in fact, the NWP Sabbatical Leave Program, which allows for such opportunities, is one of the reasons physicians want to work with us!

Northwest Permanente team members volunteer their time in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

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