NWP Cardiologist addresses new blood pressure guidelines

December 15, 2017

NWP Chief of Cardiology Tim Jacobson feels positive about the new blood pressure guidelines issued recently by the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, and nine other groups, and furthermore he’s pleased that national media spread the word about the change.

“It helps us frame conversations with patients and helps give context to why we’re asking them to get their blood pressure lower,” he told the Portland Tribune in an article published this week.

“The national media focus on this topic is actually quite helpful for us when we have to see patients at the clinic, because they’re primed for a discussion about this topic,” he said. “They may have already read a little bit about the importance of controlling their blood pressure.”

Dr. Jacobson also addressed the suspicion by some that redefinining “high blood pressure” amounted to a huge gift to the pharmaceutical industry.

“The good news for us, in terms of treating blood pressure, is that the vast majority of the medications (most of them generic, inexpensive options) we would use have been around for decades,” Jacobson said. “It’s very uncommon that we’re really going to enrich any drug maker by using a given blood pressure medication.”

Tim Jacobson
Dr. Tim Jacobson, Chief of Cardiology

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