NWP Administrative Fellows Are Tomorrow’s Leaders

August 9, 2018

Northwest Permanente’s Administrative Fellowship Program is dedicated to finding the health-care leaders of the future.

In this role, NWP’s administrative fellows have a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in project management and professional networking.

“My fellowship experience has been extremely empowering and challenging,” said Lauren Fischer, MPH, who began her administrative fellowship in January. “My work in operations has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity.”

Lauren is currently working as the project manager for the 2018 Specialty Care Online Appointing Initiative, as well as assisting in finalizing NWP’s B Corp re-certification. Before joining NWP, Lauren attended Oregon State University, where she earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in public health.

“This experience has enabled to me to develop my leadership skills and gain a better understanding of where my passion lies within the health-care system,” Lauren said.

Kieran Jones, an administrative fellow since June, echoed Lauren’s sentiments about the opportunities this program offers.

“Every day I get a better understanding of the dynamics of NWP, as well as an increasing confidence in my own leadership and decision-making skills,” said Kieran.

Kieran began his career at NWP as a graduate intern for the OB-GYN department and is currently attending OHSU in pursuit of a master’s degree in public health with a focus in health-care management and policy. In his role as an administrative fellow, Kieran is developing a one-to-three-year strategic plan for the Regional Telephonic Medical Center (RTMC) to restructure resources and integrate various programs to better serve members.

In addition to the great work our current administrative fellows are performing, NWP is also benefitting from past fellows, such as Ritika Jain, MHA, BDS, who recently joined NWP’s Business Affairs Department as a consultant.

“As an administrative fellow in Ambulatory Care, I worked on various regional initiatives including a business case for the bariatric service line and a redesign of the cleft palate care delivery model,” Ritika said.

Ritika’s background is heavily rooted in health-care operations. She practiced as a dentist in India before coming to the United States to pursue a master’s in health administration at Cornell University. In her current role, Ritika is leading a portfolio of work around organizational strategic partnerships in the community, including the Kaiser Permanente/PeaceHealth collaboration in Lane County.

“My fellowship experience was a valuable opportunity,” Ritika said. “It not only helped me gain a breadth and depth of executive experience but also allowed me to work on complex initiatives that required organizational change management.”

For more information about this program, contact Michelle Temple at Northwest Permanente.

Current NWP administrative fellows (left to right) Lauren Fischer and Kieran Jones, and former fellow Ritika Jain.

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