Northwest Permanente To Host Mindfulness Conference

January 14, 2019

On April 11, the Northwest Permanente Graduate and Undergraduate Medical Education Department will host a one-day course on clinician mindfulness — and you’re invited to attend.

“Teaching in Two Minds,” taught by Ronald Epstein, MD, and his University of Rochester School of Medicine colleague Michael Krasner, MD, will help clinical practitioners recognize and acknowledge their own mood, feelings, and reactions in moment-to-moment patient encounters so that they can use this information as a guide for themselves and their patients.

Registration is now open (look for the blue box at the top of the page; special instructions for non-NWP clinicians). Non-NWP clinicians: early bird $75 ($100). Residents/Students: early bird $40 ($50). Early bird pricing ends January 31.

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness strategies and skills help all of us learn to recognize our internal feelings and voice and to identify ways to manage those feelings in the moments when we feel excited and happy, pressured for time, threatened, or distressed. Clinicians with mindfulness training are more able to start a meeting or patient visit with a “beginner’s mind” and to take a fresh and open-minded approach to problem-solving. The ability to manage one’s emotions minute by minute and day by day clearly helps mitigate depression and stress and has been demonstrated to minimize “burnout” in helping professions.

Who should attend

Though the course is geared for clinical teachers it is applicable to anyone who works with others in a collegial or supervisory role. All supervisors, teachers, and leaders confront daily repetitive demands for their time and attention, and many of us feel we do not have time or space for ourselves during the day. Our connected world is further complicated by an ongoing barrage of information and interruption.

In this course, Drs. Epstein and Krasner and the NWP faculty team will use both lectures and small group discussion to help clinicians identify and practice micro skills that change work and life behaviors.

More about the instructors

Both Drs. Epstein and Krasner received their residency and post-residency training at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and bring a new perspective to the “biopsychosocial” model of care defined by Dr. George Engel in 1977. Dr. Epstein is the author of the 2017 book Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity.

Their goal for “Teaching in Two Minds” is to help clinicians find more awareness in their daily responsibilities and to add more appreciation, wonder and joy to their days.

Dr. Ronald Epstein (left) and Dr. Michael Krasner will conduct a full day of mindfulness training for clinicians in early April.

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