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Northwest Permanente Appoints a New Director of Diversity

We are delighted to share with you the appointment of Dr. Te-Yu Ruth Chang to the role of Director of Diversity for Northwest Permanente.

Ruth will oversee our collective efforts in diversity work within NWP. The work includes effectively advocating for Culturally Competent care, creating strategies to better address health disparities for our culturally diverse membership, and skillfully collaborating with our Health Plan partners responsible for diversity work.

Ruth was born half-way around the world, raised on the East coast, studied in the South and Midwest, then moved to the Pacific Northwest for residency. Her own experiences of being an economically challenged immigrant, living in various parts of the United States, working and living in a variety of diverse communities has profoundly shaped her perspective and created an innate passion for the work.

We are thrilled to have Ruth join our Human Resources team and champion the concepts of Diversity and Inclusion.

We anticipate she will help recruit physicians with varied backgrounds and experience to deliver the best patient care possible.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Chang and wishing her much success in her new role.

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