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Vice President: Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Northwest Permanente (NWP) is a self-governed (physician led), multi-specialty group of over 1,500 physicians, surgeons, and clinicians, caring for over 570,000 members in OR and Southwest WA. Northwest Permanente (NWP) has an opening for a Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer (VP, Finance & CFO) . The VP of Finance & CFO plans, organizes and directs all the financial management functions of Northwest Permanente (NWP). This position provides business strategic and analytical advice and support to the President, NWP Executive Team (Senior Operations Team, SOT) and the Board of Directors through exploration, development and implementation of strategies to support NWPs short and long-term corporate development initiatives.

Job Post Date: 2017-04-25
Office: Kaiser Permanente Bldg
City: Portland
State: Oregon


Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. As the largest integrated care delivery organization in the United States, Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and nonprofit health plans. Founded in 1945, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW)— made up of over 11,000 employees, more than 1,000 physicians and 140 dentists — provides and arranges medical care exclusively for health plan members. In the Portland-Vancouver area, Kaiser Permanente operates 36 medical offices and two hospitals. Today, the Northwest Region serves more than 576,000 medical and 244,000 dental members whose care is largely provided by Northwest Permanente, P.C. (NWP) and Permanente Dental Associates (PDA).

Northwest Permanente (NWP) has Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer (VP, Finance & CFO) . The VP of Finance & CFO plans, organizes and directs all the financial management functions of Northwest Permanente (NWP). This position provides business strategic and analytical advice and support to the President, NWP Executive Team (Senior Operations Team, SOT) and the Board of Directors through exploration, development and implementation of strategies to support NWP’s short and long-term corporate development initiatives. The VP of Finance & CFO is also responsible for negotiating and coordinating all funding and reimbursement with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP), and to help maintain the integrity and viability of the corporation for its shareholders.


Financial Responsibilities: Responsible for planning, organizing and directing all the financial management functions of Northwest Permanente.

Oversee budget of NWP; provide leadership in monitoring of budget and budgetary controls

  • Budgeting and financial reporting
    • Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct, communicate, and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance
    • Provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports, and financial trends in order to assist the CEO/President and the Board and other senior executives in performing their responsibilities
    • Ensure control systems are developed
    • Oversee controller function for the Corporation
    • Inurement analysis
  • NWP participant with KFHP in the rate setting and product development activities.
    • Participate with Health Plan leaders in annual rate setting to assure the medical group concerns are included in planning for membership, pricing and margin strategy.
    • In partnership with sales and marketing and with operations, help develop new insurance and care delivery products that meet the needs of the market, including novel funding methods (e.g., sole carrier, alternative funding) and rapid care delivery product solutions (e.g., virtual care). Assure that the needs of the medical group are met in product development
    • Oversee market/competitor intelligence management to assure decisions on product development are appropriately informed by market direction.
  •  Accounting
    • Oversee accounting functions
    • Oversee relationship with outside accounting firm
    • Oversee annual external audit
    • Supervise tax and annual tax return
    • Maintain formal online financial policies
    • File all corporate tax returns
    • File all Pension & Benefits regulatory forms with regulatory agencies
    • Pension and Benefit Plans
    • Oversee Pension and Benefit Department
    • Maintain tax advantage of retirement plans
    • Maximize value of retirement plans
    • Oversee and maintain pension plans and Defined Contribution plans
    • Oversee inurement filings
    • Balance management including active investment of long and short term assets through senior manager
    • Oversees revenue cycle functions such as relationships with third party billing vendors
    • Acts as sponsor for key internal revenue cycle projects and workgroups
    • Ensure internal performance to meet revenue cycle goals
    • Establish credibility throughout the organization and with the Board as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.
    • Evaluate the structure and team plan for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance group, as well as provide individuals with professional and personal growth while emphasizing suitable opportunities for individuals. Responsible for planning, oversight, and adherence to department budget.

Critical PartnershipsProvides business strategic and analytical advice and support to the President, NWP Executive Team (Senior Operations Team, SOT) and the Board of Directors.

  • Work with Vice President of HR and Chief of Staff
    • provide advice and support on compensation policies and packages and HR systems
  • Work with Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President of Administrative Business Affairs
    • scope, implement, maintain and oversee hardware and system supports.
  • Work with Vice President of Business Affairs and Vice President of Administrative Business Affairs and operations in provider and facility contracting, and…
    • Execute on and inform strategy in network design, network adequacy and geographic expansion, and advice on strategies needed to meet changing business and market
    • Co-lead on all external contractual agreements on behalf of NWP. Oversee all external professional costs associated with professional contracts executed by NWP.
    • Approve all NWP settlements, fines and penalties, associated with professional claims and that are tied to professional contract
    • Approve any and all incentive arrangements and final payouts within professional contracting
    • Ensure contractual compliance in accordance with state laws and regulations.
  • Work with Vice President of Quality, Vice President of HR, Vice President of Resource Stewardship/Value and Vice President of Administrative Business Affairs to support the departments of Practice Support, Coding and Quality Management Systems in meaningful use filings; data analytics supporting care delivery; coding and refresh for Medicare; ACA tracking; and quality reports.
  • Work closely and collaborate with the other PMG CFO’s.

New Ventures and Corporate Development:

  • Collaborate with Vice-President of Administrative Business Affairs in the development of NWP’s long range planning, and development, introduction and implementation of new programs and strategies.
  • Monitor external and internal environment for development of new market segments.
  • Assist in or produce feasibility studies/business plans for new product development.
  • Maintain insurance coverage
  • Oversee cost analysis of projects
  • Oversee market research and analysis.
  • Provide advice on value of non-Kaiser Permanente work
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with entities within and outside of Kaiser Permanente.
  • Innovate with outside delivery systems, non-Permanente, i.e. The Portland Clinic, and Permanente Medical Groups
  • Continue work with Colorado Permanente Medical Group (Permanente Health Partners; LLC with CPMG)
    • Look for opportunities to consolidate between regions, whether medical or administrative to help reduce cost
    • Work towards adding Group Health to the LLC
  • Participant on Network Strategy Team
  • Bring strategic plans to fruition through the coordination and allocation of organizational resources.


  • Participate on committees at the direction of the President. Current assignments include:
    • Compensation, incentives and pay practices
    • Physician scorecards
    • Quality data statistics
    • Product strategy
    • Health Care Reform
    • Strategic growth
    • Budgeting
    • Retirement Plans and Benefits
    • National Investment Committee ($16Billion portfolio)
    • Member of various teams with Health Plan & Northwest Permanente
    • Board of Directors
  • Work closely with all national CFOs
  • Provide business, strategic leadership and advice to the President and Board of Directors
  • Accountable for financial and tax legislation
  • Maintain knowledge of the health care industry
  • Oversee all financial business staff
  • Maintain cooperative working relationship with peers at KFHP/H
  • Negotiate major investments and contracts, including the annual medical group contract with KFHP (Medical Service Agreement).
  • Maintain primary contract between The Portland Clinic and Northwest Permanente


  • MBA degree
  • Minimum ten (10) years in various financial areas such as general accounting, cost accounting, financial planning, and financial information systems.
  • An experienced leader and financial executive with health care industry experience.
  • An energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high ethical standards.
  • A strategic visionary with sound technical skills, analytical ability, good judgment, and strong operational focus.
  • A well organized and self-directed individual who is "politically savvy.”
  • A strong, appropriately transparent communicator, and a team player.
  • A strong and savvy communicator who is able to build relationships with people at all levels of an organization.
  • An excellent negotiator who is experienced in contracts.
  • A decisive individual who possesses a "big picture" perspective.
  • Experience in a broad range of financial activities, strong strategic and external focus and excellent negotiation skills
  • Ability to work effectively with physicians and to lead professionals through influence and collaboration
  • Outstanding leadership, integrity and communication skills
  • Skill and experience in managing and developing staff
    • Work closely with the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan/Hospitals CFO