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Executive Director: Financial Services

Northwest Permanente (NWP) is a self-governed (physician led), multi-specialty group of over 1,500 physicians, surgeons, and clinicians, caring for over 576,000 members in OR and Southwest WA. Northwest Permanente has a new and exciting career opportunity for an Executive Director of Financial Services to be responsible for managing NWP Finance, MySchedule and NWP IT departments, and supporting Executive Leadership in identification, evaluation and implementation of corporate development opportunities.

Job Post Date: 2017-09-11
Office: Kaiser Permanente Bldg
City: Portland
State: Oregon


Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. As the largest integrated care delivery organization in the United States, Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and nonprofit health plans. Founded in 1945, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW)— made up of over 11,000 employees, more than 1,000 physicians and 140 dentists — provides and arranges medical care exclusively for health plan members. In the Portland-Vancouver area, Kaiser Permanente operates 36 medical offices and two hospitals. Today, the Northwest Region serves more than 576,000 medical and 244,000 dental members whose care is largely provided by Northwest Permanente, P.C. (NWP) and Permanente Dental Associates (PDA).

Northwest Permanente (NWP) is a self-governed (physician led), multi-specialty group of over 1,500 physicians, surgeons, and clinicians, caring for over 576,000 members in OR and Southwest WA. Northwest Permanente has a new and exciting career opportunity for an Executive Director of Financial Services. This position is responsible for managing NWP Finance, MySchedule and NWP IT departments, and supporting Executive Leadership in identification, evaluation and implementation of corporate development opportunities.

  • Responsible for driving processes and analytics that support the regional operating and capital strategic financial plans, multi-year projections, quarterly re-forecasts of the financials, budgets, proactive monthly analysis of results. Leads specific initiatives including business cases and performance reporting. 
  • Identifies and evaluates business cases and opportunities for corporate development in collaboration with multiple Regional departments including Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, HP Financial Planning and Analysis, and Medical Operations.

NWP Finance Department

  • Responsible for Performance Management (Decision Support), Performance Reporting, Forecasting and Financial and Mitigation planning. Supports operations and NWP Executive Leaders to provide objective, informed analysis and forecasting to ensure profitable growth and financial trajectory. Responsible for financial and analytical requests from Program Office related to the medical group.
  • Leads development of NWP’s Business Performance and Care Delivery Analysis, Operating and Capital Financial Forecasts, Operating and Capital Business Plan and Budget.
  • Organizes and manages the analytics involved in the capital approval process within the organization.

NWP MySchedule department

  • Responsible for the daily configuration of the scheduling system for KPNW. Provides training and daily support to the NWP Access Management Team and HP staff schedulers. 
  • MySchedule team identifies, develops and implements enhancements to the software and works closely with the vendor to implement system upgrades.
  • Provides consultative and project management services to other Permanente Medical Groups in the implementation of the scheduling software.

NWP IT Department

Provides hardware support for NWP employees and maintains NWP servers.


  • Responsible for organizing staffing and executing the processes that produce the NWP operating and capital budgets, multi-year cost projections, revised forecasting of expected care delivery results for the current year, care delivery business cases and cost/benefit analyses, and monthly analysis of care delivery related performance results and mitigation requirements
  • Responsible for ensuring that actionable financial information is continuously being improved, updated, and delivered to provide relevant measurements to the Care Delivery Operations organizations to drive results to close budget gaps
  • Responsible for the maintenance and support of the scheduling system, and for all enhancements and system upgrades to the scheduling system for all KPNW operating departments.  Maintains the interface between the scheduling system and the HRIS system to support accurate payroll transmission. Responsible for maintenance and backup for NWP servers
  • New Business Ventures:   Oversee financial analysis of projects associated with business development opportunities and new ventures.  Works collaboratively with other Permanente Medical Groups to identify and implement shared services to improve service and cost trends, and to identify and implement new ventures to generate revenues for NWP
  • The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that appropriate policies are developed for his/her area, and aligning those with the overall organizational goals
  • The position is responsible for recruitment, and placement of professionals within the Finance and MySchedule departments


  • Ten (10) year’s experience in accounting, finance and/or planning.
  • Seven (7) year’s management experience in directing complex financial organizations.
  • Extensive knowledge of the health insurance industry.
  • Understanding of health care delivery systems and operations including Medicare and Dental Programs.
  • Successful development of operating budgets, capital plans, financial forecasts, business cases and complex analytics.
  • Experience and confidence in advising and presenting to senior executives.
  • A deep knowledge of and experience in financial planning and analysis processes to enable incumbent to analyze complex operating budgets, capital appropriation requests and other business proposals.
  • Ability to advise senior management as to their suitability for approval.
  • Must be highly capable in developing and leading financial models and analytics.
  • Knowledge of health insurance and/or healthcare delivery system business models required.
  • Demonstrated proficiency for systems thinking.
  • This position requires an outstanding performance in these key competencies:
    • Change Leadership: ability to energize and alert groups to the need for specific changes in the way things are done. It involves impact and influence which is the ability to communicate one’s ideas or positions to a diverse audience in a persuasive manner to engender support or agreement.  It involves communicating effectively to ensure that others hear, understand and feel empowered to accept organization goals.  It is also the ability to be proactive and aggressive in thinking about new ways to do things that will impact performance in to the future, no matter how uncomfortable or different from the usual ways.
    • Excellence Orientation: focus on setting challenging objectives, finding better or more efficient ways of accomplishing strategic business results and continuously raising the standard of excellence.  The emphasis is not just on accomplishing targeted results, but surpassing predefined expectations and goals.
    • Strategic Thinking: represents the scope in which Leaders think and act to achieve business objectives. This competency includes knowing what is happening in markets and the ability to identify how changes and “outside forces” impact the organization.  At the highest level, individuals proactively develop, communicate and monitor progress toward targeted strategic-initiatives.
    • Developing Future Leaders: the desire to ensure that the organization’s future leadership requirements are met. Specific actions are taken to develop others to step into future leadership positions through creating development plans, coaching, and empowering others to take on greater responsibility.
    • Team Focus: the intention to take a role as a leader of a team or other group, as well as to participate as an effective team member.  Fosters an environment that encourages teamwork.  Uses strategies to make teams work better, such as increasing clarity through improved communication.  Creates a shared vision and direction that unites the team.
    • High-impact Communication: the ability to create enthusiasm for new initiatives or change efforts in order to gain support, sponsorship and commitment from key clients/stakeholders and team members. It involves proactively creating opportunities for open, two-way communication with others.  Seeks the involvement, feedback and opinions of people who will be affected by a change or decision to gain their buy-in.  Communicates with customers in a way that consistently demonstrates an orientation of customer service.  The ability to articulately present the results of his or her work and to effectively represent the challenges faced and resolved in the course of task performance.  The ability to communicate directly and honestly with individuals regarding difficult issues.  Ensures that audiences have a clear understanding of specific goals and objectives and the rationale for decisions/actions.
    • Requires proficiency in Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel PowerPoint) and Database.
    • Ability to navigate network environment, familiarity with transforming reports, data and graphs into presentation that communicate, is comfortable in a network environment (accessing servers, using modems, e-mail, developing electronic databases).  Experience with Microsoft PowerPoint and Project Management Software is desirable.  Query and report development experience with data marts and decision support databases.


  • Masters in Finance, Healthcare Management, or MBA