Rahul Rastogi presents at Harvard symposium

August 31, 2017

Earlier this summer, Rahul Rastogi M.D., Northwest Permanente’s Chief Operating Officer, traveled to Harvard Medical School to attend the 2017 Harvard Healthcare Symposium. The event brought hospital clinical leaders together with health-care building designers, managers, and infection-prevention teams to explore patient outcome and hospital financial benefits of proper indoor air management.

At the symposium, Dr. Rastogi presented a speech titled “Real Life From the C-Suite,” about his experience in a leadership position at Northwest Permanente.

Hundreds of health-care professionals from all over the world attended the multidisciplinary symposium, which brought health-care leaders and engineers together to discuss how they can work together to create a healthier building environment — a primary concern in the medical community. The goal of the symposium was to create dialogue about controlling air quality in medical buildings and enhance the understanding that cleansing the air from bacteria and viruses should be a priority when improving facilities.

“This is a fantastic time in health care for us to start looking at different ways to innovate by bringing engineering into the health-care realm, helping us understand what our opportunities are,” Dr. Rastogi said. “We’re bound to benefit.”

The Harvard Healthcare Symposium created a highlight video that features a brief statement about the symposium from Dr. Rastogi, as well as a few other officials that attended.


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