NWP plastic surgeon takes innovative approach to breast reconstruction

January 3, 2018

A recent feature article on the Permanente Medicine site highlights the work of NWP surgeon Jennifer Murphy, MD, whose work is on the cutting edge of breast reconstruction:

“Since early 2014, Jennifer Murphy, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon and chief of Plastic Surgery at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, has been one of the few plastic surgeons in the world to innovate the use of fat-grafting techniques for total breast reconstruction.

“Her initial exploration into this type of surgery actually stemmed from a patient’s request for an alternative to the typical reconstructive surgery options familiar to most plastic surgeons. Dr. Murphy recalls that this patient came to her with bilateral mastectomies and uneven contour, but did not want either of the two common types of reconstructive procedures—the flap procedure or traditional implants.

“Dr. Murphy immediately thought about other cases where she used fat grafting to fill in contour defects for breast reconstruction or for contour defects on the face or head for patients suffering from trauma or painful scarring.

“’While we had seen success in this small-scale fat grafting, no one had really recreated an entire breast with this technique,” says Dr. Murphy. “I began to research what made fat grafts survive, in the event that this technique would be a good solution for my patient.’

“Both Dr. Murphy and her patient were ultimately thrilled with the outcome and the doctor was encouraged to work with her partners to expand this offering to other women seeking an alternative to implants or the more painful flap procedure.”

For more about Dr. Murphy, who is based in the Portland area, and her use of fat-grafting, please check out the complete feature article about her work at the Permanente Medicine site.

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