NWP Makes Corporate Gift to Planned Parenthood

November 2, 2017

As part of Northwest Permanente’s corporate community giving, the NWP Board of Directors has, for the last several years, selected a nonprofit in our communities to receive a one-time charitable donation of $10,000. Last year, the board selected Salem Harvest to be the recipient of the donation.

This year, the Board changed the process and invited the NWP medical group to submit nominations. After the nominations were collected, the Board opened up voting to the staff. The winning nonprofit, Planned Parenthood, won by a landslide, with 58% of the votes.

The nominating physician, Dr. Rejina Injety, Hospitalist, visited Planned Parenthood recently, accompanied by Dr. Melissa Rockefeller, Emergency Medicine Physician, and Perry Jaqua, NWP Community Engagement Specialist. They met with Planned Parenthood leadership to discuss why Dr. Injety nominated the nonprofit to be the recipient of the NWP donation.

Dr. Injety talked about how Planned Parenthood supports community health, resources, education, and prevention, all of which she feels strongly about, and which is why she submitted the nomination. Planned Parenthood supports diversity and ensuring equity with all populations. It provides a variety of services, and 72% of its clients are between the ages 18 and 29.

Thank you Dr. Injety for stepping forward to make a nomination to Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood

(Left to right) Perry Jaqua, Community Engagement Specialist, NWP; Dr. Rejina Injety, NWP; Anne Udall, Ph.D., interim President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette; Dr. Paula Bednarek, Planned Parenthood; and Dr. Melissa Rockefeller, NWP.

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