NWP forms partnership with Forest Park Conservancy

November 8, 2017

Northwest Permanente (NWP) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Forest Park Conservancy (FPC) for 2018. As a B Corp and an organization focused on the health and well-being of its employees and their families, NWP is pleased to partner with FPC, which restores and protects the 5,200-acre wooded, city park that lies just a couple of miles from downtown Portland.

“The Forest Park Conservancy is excited to partner with Northwest Permanente, and we’re deeply appreciative of their commitment to Forest Park,” said FPC Executive Director Renee Myers. “Working together, our goal is to encourage people to get outdoors, live healthier and more active lives, be good stewards of Forest Park, and ensure its protection for future generations.”

As part of this arrangement, NWP presented a $20,000 contribution to the Conservancy. NWP employees will be encouraged to volunteer in the park for trail upkeep and other needs, and to use the park for wellness/fitness activities. Plans include special activities around Doctor’s Day in March to thank and support NWP physicians and their families.

NWP employees will be informed about Forest Park-related activities throughout the year.

This partnership provides a roadmap that NWP can follow as it partners with other Oregon and Washington parks to provide similar experiences for NWP physicians and their families outside of the Portland metro area.

Forest Park Conservancy 2

Colin Cave, M.D., Director of Government Relations and Community Benefit, Northwest Permanente, and Renee Myers, Executive Director, Forest Park Conservancy, celebrate the new partnership.

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