Location Spotlight: Build a Career, Create a Lifestyle in Longview-Kelso, Washington

May 31, 2016

Longview-Kelso offers a variety of excellent opportunities to live and work. An internal medicine or family medicine physician working at this location has the opportunity to establish and grow their career in two of Washington’s more unique cities. While exploring job opportunities in the northwest, Longview-Kelso should not be overlooked.

Longview_800x350We’ve compiled a short list of the benefits that make this part of the northwest a great place to build a career.

Outdoor Adventure

Longview and Kelso cater to the outdoor adventurer. Located within view of Mt. St. Helens, residents can get away and explore with ease.   A short drive from the metro area, there are wildlife parks, hiking trails, campsites, skiing and a wide array of other outdoor attractions.

Kayaking, fishing, canoeing and landscaped walking trails are all available at the Lake Sacajawea Park. The area boasts scenic bicycle routes, sports facilities, golf courses and skateboard parks, as well as tranquil Japanese gardens. There are also many parks with playgrounds and convenient covered picnic areas.


Focus on the Community

Longview and Kelso share a commitment to fostering the arts and celebrating the culture of their communities. In addition to a number of galleries featuring artists from around the region, Longview’s Discover Public Art program maintains unique works of art and sculptures around the city. Theatrical and musical events take place throughout the year, as well as outdoor community events like the annual Earth Day and “Go Fourth” Fourth of July celebrations. Every September, Kelso’s popular Highlander Festival features Scottish crafts, food and a variety of entertaining activities such as the Highland Games, a Highland Dance Competition and even a scone contest.


Culinary Fare

The Northwest has a reputation for amazing food. While everything from sushi to comfort food are available here, local landmark Stuffy’s II, is one of the areas most frequented restaurants. In addition to a variety of healthy home-cooked cuisine, Stuffy’s II trademark is a near-legendary giant cinnamon roll. Weighing in at 5 lbs. each, they are said to be the largest in the world.


Roast and Brew

In keeping with the region’s famous fondness for a good cup of coffee, a tempting array of local roasters and cafés fill the cities’ streets. A few local favorites include Guse’s Gourmet Coffee, Common Ground, Espresso Express and Coffee Cabin.


Northwest Permanente Opportunities

There are two local medical centers to serve the Longview and Kelso communities. The Longview-Kelso Medical Office offers urgent care and pharmacy services as well as a variety of departments to assist Northwest Permanente members. A few of the specialties include primary care, occupational therapy, mental health and dermatology. The affiliate hospital, St. John’s Regional Medical Center, offers additional services including emergency care, surgery, and rehabilitation services.


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