KPNW facility combines dental and medical care

December 6, 2017

At the Cedar Hills Dental and Medical Office in Portland, physicians and dentists work side-by-side to provide high-quality, convenient care for our members. At this clinic, patients can see both a dentist and a physician in one visit. This is a prime example of one way we’re innovating at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

At the Cedar Hills office, dentists have access to the electronic medical records – and they can see if a patient needs vaccines, for example. If she does, the on-site physician can administer those vaccines during the same visit. The patient doesn’t even have to make another appointment. In some cases, patients have been given shots while sitting in the dentist’s chair!

This short video takes you inside the Cedar Hills facility and shows how the KPNW team is re-imagining the care team and re-engineering the visit — to re-invigorate our practice.

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