Four Salem-area NWP physicians named ‘local heroes’

August 31, 2017

Chart Notes, an on-line publication of the Marion-Polk County (Oregon) Medical Society, recently featured four Salem-area NWP physicians in an essay entitled “Heroes Hidden Next to You.”

Written by Salem-area physician Sheila Sund, the piece features 29 Willamette Valley providers whose colleagues nominated them as individuals “who consistently demonstrated great patient care, maintained a good attitude, offered a helping hand, gave back to their community, or showed extra compassion and dedication.”

The four NWP physicians included in the list are Dr. Susan Corzilius, who practices at West Salem; Dr. Suzanne Deschamps, also at West Salem; Dr. Ron Jaecks, Skyline; and Dr. Ken Park, North Lancaster.

Check it out! The article starts on page 4.

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