Cardiac patient credits ‘two guardian angels’

November 9, 2017

Broderick “Jim” Jaggers, a retired school teacher, was shopping at his local Grocery Outlet in Oregon City on Saturday, October 7, when he realized something wasn’t quite right. He started to feel ill and remembers grasping for something to hold onto. That is the last thing Jim remembers until he regained consciousness in an ambulance.

Jim had suffered a major heart attack. Fortunately, off-duty Clackamas Fire District #1 Division Chief Bill Conway happened to be at the same store, shopping for a bottle of wine for a wedding. As store employees called 911, Chief Conway assessed Jim and found him to be unconscious and not breathing. He began chest compressions until paramedics arrived on the scene; Jim was defibrillated twice and regained a pulse.

Jim was transported to Kaiser Permanente’s Sunnyside Medical Center, where he underwent triple bypass surgery under the care of Dr. Yong Shin, regional director of cardiothoracic surgery.

“Dr. Shin was amazing,” said Jim. “He also fixed an underlying heart issue,” Jim said, appreciatively.

As a result of Jim’s near-death experience, both Jim and his wife of 47 years, Sue, are now strong advocates of the importance of knowing how to perform hands-only CPR. They are longtime members of their local Lions Club and plan to promote hands-only CPR trainings at their state and district conventions. “Never say you should have learned . . . everyone should know CPR,” said Jim. “I have two guardian angels . . . Chief Conway and Dr. Shin.”

Jim & Sue Jaggers at Lions Convention

Jim and Sue Jaggers at the Lions Club.

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