7 Reasons to Work & Live in Portland as an Internal or Family Medicine Physician

May 27, 2016

Physicians have a lot to consider as they determine where to start their careers. Prioritizing organizations that offer benefits such as competitive compensation, a supportive environment and a path for growth is significant. However, finding one in a location that will suit desired lifestyles is also incredibly important.

Much has been written about in the past two years on the popularity of the Pacific Northwest as a place
to re-locate. Young people, families and retirees have all found reasons to make Oregon and Washington home. Although there are universal benefits, we believe there are some key reasons why the Pacific Northwest is the ideal place to start or grow a career specifically in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine.

Living in Portland and Working at Northwest Permanente

1. Community Culture

Community events are the connecting fibers of Portland’s culture. The city hosts many popular annual festivals and local street fairs, including the Portland Rose Festival, the Waterfront Blues Festival and the Mississippi Street Fair. No matter what the season, Portland residents never neglect a chance to get together and celebrate their culture. As an internal or family medicine physician, these types of events are incredibly valuable for engaging with the people they serve and understanding the culture of patients.


2. Career Development

Our Internal and Family Medicine physicians are the heart of our company’s spectrum of health care. We offer new-physician mentorship programs, continuing education and cross-specialty collaboration. We also thrive with a variety of leadership, research, and teaching opportunities. This focus on education and career development is embedded throughout the business culture of the area. It inspires talented and collaborative people to come to work within the community.


3. Family Friendly Lifestyle

When it comes to family friendly activities, Portland offers a wide variety of attractions for kids of all ages. The Portland Children’s Museum covers 1.3 acres of fun, educational displays, w
hile the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry includes over 200 interactive exhibits and eight hands-on science labs. For outdoor adventure, there are plenty of biking or hiking trails near downtown Portland or the Columbia Gorge. Family favorites include Forest Park, Mt. Tabor Park and Multnomah Falls.


4. Competitive Compensation

Our Internal and Family Medicine physicians and their families receive highly competitive compensation, benefits and award-winning health and wellness programs. Those benefits allow the physicians to enjoy much of what the northwest has to offer. Please see our Benefits Brochure for more information.


5. Practice-Support

We provide a variety of exceptional practice-support and panel management tools. The region is proud of its local collaborations and that tone is mirrored in our health care programs. We also offer comprehensive administrative support and access to an outstanding team of clinicians and specialists.


6. Innovative Technology

Technology is the foundation on which many areas of the Pacific Northwest have grown and expanded. Throughout the area, innovation is embraced as culturally important. Physicians in our practices enjoy access to the finest, state-of-the-art medical facilities equipped with the leading technology. We also offer a cutting-edge electronic medical records system and a secure, non-urgent email messaging platform through My Health Manager.


7. Workplace Wellness

Oregon and Washington residents benefit from active yet balanced lifestyles. Residents can hike the Columbia Gorge on Saturday and spend Sunday afternoon wine tasting in the Willamette valley. The region easily supports any lifestyle choice, which is why so many find that they can create a lifestyle best suited for them here.

Our award-winning health and wellness programs support healthier lifestyles for our physicians and their families. The wellness platform provides access to medical appointments, personalized health assessments and much more, such as educational tools and an array of other resources designed to support a healthy lifestyle. Please visit our online wellness portal to learn more.


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