Award Description

The Distinguished Physician Awards

Date Received: 11/01/2014

Northwest Permanente honors esteemed physician colleagues as their 2014 Distinguished Physicians. The 2014 Distinguished Physician Awards were presented at our annual Shareholders Meeting to Northwest Permanente physicians displaying outstanding quality of service to our members and colleagues, positive leadership and performance, excellence in clinical practice, and contributions within the community.

The 2014 Distinguished Physician Award Recipients include:

  • Lisa Bisgard, MD, Pediatrics  (Vancouver)
  • Sara Cuthill, MD, Developmental Pediatrics   (Portland)
  • David Griffin, DPM, Podiatry (Portland)
  • Susan Mikkelsen, MD, Pulmonology (Portland)
  • Winthrop Hall, MD, Radiology (Portland)
  • Waleed Lutfiyya, MD, General Surgery  (Portland)
  • David van de Lindt, MD, Psychiatry (Portland)

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